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Ron Siebler is a 5th generation craftsman who continues the family's longstanding traditions of woodworking and blacksmithing. 


His father, Harold Siebler (b. 1919), grew up working as a mechanic with his dad, Albert.  He also spent time in his grandfather's blacksmith shop.  With the outbreak of WWII, Harold became an aircraft maintenance officer, and subsequently, an Instructor with the Air Force.


Albert Siebler (1894-1954), Ron’s grandfather, started his career as a blacksmith in William's shop, and then became a successful auto-mechanic with Siebler's Service Garage in Loop City, Nebraska.

Siebler’s great-grandfather, William Siebler (1868-1954), apprenticed as both a blacksmith and farrier in Germany. In 1887, William immigrated to Cornlea, Nebraska, where he opened the town's first blacksmith and wagon shop.  In 1912, William moved his blacksmith shop to Aurora, Nebraska.

Ron's great-great grandfather, Friedric Siebler (1840-1875), was a wheelwright and wagon maker in the village of Nöttingen, Germany.

All five generations have been practitioners in the art of woodworking. 


For even more family information, visit The Siebler Family History Project.


William Siebler inside his blacksmith shop with  youngest daughter, Mildred, and youngest son, Lee.   Aurora, Nebraska.  Circa 1932

William Siebler inside his blacksmith shop with 

youngest daughter, Mildred, and youngest son, Lee.

Aurora, Nebraska.  Circa 1932.

Ron Siebler stands in front of his Great Grandfather's blacksmith shop.

Ron Siebler "Forging A Tradition" in his

Great-grandfather's Blacksmith shop at the

 Stuhr Museum, Grand Island, Nebraska. 

Ron Siebler working in his Dallas studio.

Ron Siebler in his Dallas shop/studio.

Albert Siebler's Service Garage in Loup City, Nebraska. Circa 1935

Albert Siebler's Service Garage, Loup City, Nebraska.

Circa 1935

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