Forged Ironwork


Various pieces of commissioned architectural hardware created by Ronald L Siebler of Dallas, Texas in partnership with Ward Brinegar of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Each work was contextually designed and then forged at the anvil for a site specific installation.




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Entry.  Designed by Ronald L. Siebler.  Created by Ron Siebler in partnership with Ward Brinegar.  2006

Surface Bolt with Face.  Created by Ward Brinegar.


Door Pintle.

Heated Pintle on Anvil

Library keyhole escutcheon



Shutter Pintles and strap hinges.  Created by Ron Siebler.


Handle with push button and concealed mechanism.  Created in partnership by Ward Brinegar and Ron Siebler.



Double Escutcheon Bathroom Entry. Created by Ward Brinegar of Harmony Forge.




Passage.    Created by Ward Brinegar of Harmony Forge.

Hardware for Study Entry. Created by Ward Brinegar.  Click to Enlarge.


Latch with exposed mechanism.  Created by Ward Brinegar.


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