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There Be Dragons!
The Boxcar: Restoration for the new Dallas Holocaust Museum

Restoration of the Opal Lawrence Outbuildings for Historic Mesquite

Lakewood Center Clock Restoration - Video Short January 2017

Dallas Heritage Village MKT Depot Restoration - Preservation Achievement Award 2016

Curing Shed Restoration at the Historic Caruth Homeplace - Preservation Achievement Award 2016

Sharrock-Niblo Cabin Restoration - Preservation Achievement Award 2016. A documentary short by film maker Mark Birnbaum.

Farmers Branch Historic Park Church Bell Restoration- Preservation Achievement Award 2016.

Remembering Tracy Hicks - Documentary film about artist Tracy Hicks. Ron Siebler Executive Producer - 2016

Pilot Grove Church - Preservation Achievment Award 2014.

Pilot Grove Church - time lapse version, November 2014.

Views: The Blacksmith - a video essay that examines the work of the blacksmith, who was once called the "King of Trades."



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