When contemplating the remodeling or renovation of a personal space, it is appropriate to employ a philosophical, as well as methodical perspective of the work. My approach is derived from the belief that this work resides within the genre of performance art, and is a creative process that culminates one’s personal desires into a perceptible melody of illumination, texture, and aura.

It is a craft that is practiced within an existing space, one manifested by confines that are both physical and emotional.  This requires a chorus of people who embrace an honest and realistic perspective of the work to be accomplished: tradesmen who employ the skills of a master and the traits of an artist; craftsmen who endeavor to reveal the true nature of the elements being brought together; workers who collectively comprehend the essence of the composition.

Through the mutual creative efforts and sincere relationships of individuals involved, the subtle nuance of simple harmonies are revealed in their complex and collective palettes.  When the performance is over, and the sounds are an echo in memory, the space will be as it was intended.  Engaging, personal, and complete.

Ronald L Siebler

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