"VIEWS" is a video essay that examines the deliberate, methodical, and rhythmically paced work of the blacksmith, while it illuminates the craft, art, and lore of what was once called the "King of Trades."


While hammering at the anvil, Ronald L. Siebler masterfully forges a montage of a time gone by as he shares the blacksmith’s old stories, mythical fables, traditional legends, and even a few tall tales of his own. Demonstrating methods and techniques that have been used in the forge since antiquity, Siebler takes us back to a time when life was simpler, and a living was made with sweat.


This telling of tales and ringing of the anvil is a remembrance of things that were once made by hand, and how this ancient and honorable profession is virtually extinct in the modern age.


Produced by Richard Schroeder and styled in the genre of an early Edison moving picture, "VIEWS: The Blacksmith" was filmed in the 19th century shop of Phillip Trevilion, which is located on the grounds of the Hopkins County Heritage Park in Sulphur Springs, Texas.


Click here to watch Views: The Blacksmith. Runtime is about 28 minutes.








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