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Self-governing, sectional-wooden-wheel windmills were vital to the settlement of the Great Plains in the second half of the 19th century.  This restored Dempster Vaneless #3, was originally built by the Dempster Mill Manufacturing Company in Beatrice, Nebraska, between 1912 and 1917.  It was moved from a Nebraska farm to the Stuhr Museum in 1979.  Beginning in 2002, the initial restoration, exhibition, and re-installation was conducted by Ron Siebler over the course of three years.


Ron Siebler with restored Dempster #3 vaneless windmill

Only period appropriate tools, and historically documented methods, (Circa 1912) were utilized in the process of removing the windmill from the tower, and restoring it to its original working order. 


dempster windmill #3

In late June, 2005, following a year long exhibition in the Stuhr Building, the windmill was re-installed atop a 35' high wood tower in Railroad Town.   One week later a severe storm damaged the windmill and it had to removed for repairs.


In June 2008, it was repaired, installed back on the tower and  pumped water until early 2009.  Once again, storms with gale force winds blew through the Nebraska prairie taking the windmill with it to the ground.  Hopefully, it will be restored one more time and set back up on the tower sometime in 2012.


Talk about authentic living history!!


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