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The client's request was simple.  Make a breakfast table with a working clock using the face and hands from a 19th century French clock tower.  The execution would prove to be more challenging.  With a little creativity, however, Ron succeeded with exciting results.


He acquired digital works for the clock from the Electric Time Company of Medfield, Massachusetts.  Then he made a round metal frame to house the works, and to support the face and hands.  And for the  pedestal, he used the base from a Ritter Dental Chair (Circa 1918) allowing the table to be raised and lowered by way of a foot pedal. 

Ron Siebler with the working clock table just

Ron Siebler with the working clock table just

before the glass top was installed.



Ron with Dempster Windmill

The museum quality restoration of a Dempster #3 vaneless windmill (Circa 1912) is one of Siebler's more recent restoration projects.  The work was performed using period appropriate tools and techniques, and was completed over the course of five years.



The Dempster windmill controlled its speed and kept from blowing to pieces in a strong wind by folding its blade sections until they were almost parallel with the shaft, so as to "spill" the wind as it rushed past the blades.



Individually created by Ron Siebler, the Trinity Table II™ is exquisitely crafted from the finest grades of red and white oak. Copper sheeting envelop the arms and base of the table. Powered by a whisper quiet motor, the gentle counterclockwise rotation, and rocking movement of the table, allows most individuals the experience of deep relaxation.

The Trinity Table II™ is available, by commission, through the Trinity Center of Dallas.

Trinity Table II



Operating waterwheel, with downstream footbridge and pond

In 1991, AIDS Services of Dallas opened the newly renovated Revlon Gardens to  provide furnished, service-enriched housing and assisted living to individuals and families suffering with HIV/AIDS.  The facility was a collaborative effort among a variety of public and private organizations.


Ron Siebler's contribution was the conception, design, and crafting of an  operating waterwheel with downstream footbridge and pond. The installation was a soothing component to the meditative ambiance of the urban garden and landscaping that was installed by volunteers from First United Methodist Church - Dallas.

Photo by Tracy Hicks



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